Safety Devices And Precautions For A Capstan Anchor Winch Used In Your Business

A capstan anchor winch is a common site at any port. You do not give them much thought until someone gets hurt using one. You need to think about safety features and precautions when buying and using a capstan anchor winch for your business. Here are a few things you should watch for and think about.

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Are you using circuit breakers for your winch? Even though many capstan anchor winches run on DC power it is important to always use a circuit breaker. The breaker provide protection for the motor and for the cables. You are making a significant investment for your winch and you want to protect it and the people operating it.

Does the anchor winch include chain stoppers or chain subbers? These can aid in safe anchoring and insure you do not have unintentional launching of the anchor. These features are not included on all winches but can usually be ordered as accessories.

Are you sizing your winch properly? Always choose to go one size up on your winch if you are not certain on the size. A winch that is undersized may lose control of the anchor leading to devastating results.

Have you ever used your capstan anchor winch to maneuver your vessel? Anchor winches are designed for a single purpose. They are built to lift an anchor vertically. They are meant to move dead weight. Using the winch to maneuver the boat to dock can damage components leading to failure and accidents. You should use your boat motor to move the boat over the anchor instead of allowing the winch to pull the boat to the anchor.

Are your crew properly trained to use the winch? It is important to never allow an untrained individual near the winch during operation. A person getting entangled in the rope or chain can be fatal.

Proper clothing is an essential safety element, too. You will notice that most operators wear tight fitting clothes. They know loose fitting clothes can get caught in the winch or chains and pull them into the machinery.

Does your capstan anchor winch have guards installed? This is especially critical for wire winches. A guard helps prevent entanglement and improves crew safety.

Regular inspections are necessary on your winch. You should inspect to make sure there is no warping, cracking, or damage on the winch, the wires, and mounts.

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Never use your capstan anchor winch for mooring purposes. When you secure your boat at the dock use ropes and securing positions designed for the purpose. You can bend shafts and damage motors by using it as a mooring anchor.

Make sure you allow your winch to come to a complete stop before reversing direction. You can damage the motor when by reversing the motor while it is still under stress going to opposite direction.

These few pieces of advice show you a few a the safety features of capstan anchor winch and how to use it safely. Make sure your winch includes a cage, chain stoppers or snubbers, and the proper breakers.

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